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Are you fed up with the time and hassle of formatting text for the web? Our service lets you convert your text or document files to clean HTML instantly.

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Our tool lets you easily create beautiful and responsive HTML documents from any source. Whether you need to convert Word, PDF, or other docs to HTML, design and test HTML emails, or download documents as HTML, DOCX, or PDF, we have you covered. 

You can also use our AI Writing Tool to generate engaging and relevant content for your audience. Plus, you can save your HTML online, save your cleanup templates, edit and manage your images, use the format painter tool, and enjoy the autosave feature. You can also access our HTML templates for email signatures, compress or indent your HTML code, use Google or other web fonts, share templates or documents with your team, resize editors or go fullscreen, perform multiple find & replace operations, and add custom JavaScript processing. And if you ever need help or support, we are always here for you. 

Our tool is the ultimate solution for all your HTML needs.

Convert Word, PDF and other docs to HTML

Batch convert documents to other formats

Design and test HTML emails

AI Writing Tool

Create email signatures

Translate content to other languages

Download documents as HTML, DOCX or PDF

Save your HTML online

Save your cleanup templates

Image editor and manager

Resize big images before uploading

Format painter tool

Autosave edited HTML

Compress or indent HTML

Unlimited HTML cleanups

Share templates or documents with team

Resize editors or go fullscreen

Use google or other web fonts

Multiple find & replace

Custom JavaScript processing

Help and support

Our users Word To HTML

Word to HTML is the easy way for you to convert your text or documents to clean HTML5 online instantly. You can use our tool to clean up, transform, and reduce the size of existing HTML, as well as an HTML code generator, Word to HTML conversion tool, or web page editor.

  1. Paste content from Microsoft Word or Excel or write your text in the Visual Editor.
  2. Your text will be instantly converted to clean HTML. You can keep or remove formatting.
  3. Your converted HTML will appear in the HTML Editor.

You can also create new content by typing directly into the Visual Editor box. It works just like any text editor. You have full control over fonts, font size, and font colors, as well as the ability to create lists, tables, and insert images.

Batch convert your files

Batch convert from any browser

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